2014 Evans Pinot Noir

$24.00 $28.00

This 2014 vintage was a warm, dry vintage, perhaps the peak of what some of us are calling the "drought vintages" for California. Yet because grapes are not a thirsty crop, the drought vintages are not necessarily bad. In fact many winemakers and wine critics argue the opposite. As long as drought is not so severe as to damage the vine, the "right amount" of water stress can spur the vine to develop more nuanced and beautiful flavor pre-cursors in the grapes. In terms of winemaking, this Pinot Noir demonstrates the use of whole clusters during fermentation (approx 33%), a single barrel cooper (Sirugue, from Burgundy), and a certain selection of Pinot Noir vine (primarily Dijon 115) from a unique low-cropping region of Donnelly Creek Vineyard of Anderson Valley. Look for strawberries, cinnamon, and violets, with intermingled savory and caramel notes on the palate, all wrapped in a wonderfully supple texture. This wines is still young, and although it is already drinking well, I expect it to improve and give a lot more in about 12 months, and then will continue to improve for the next 5+ years.  

Please note: this is a natural wine that has not been filtered, so it will develop sediment in the bottle. I highly recommend decanting it for maximum enjoyment.    


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