2013 Evans Vintage Port - The Old Scrounger


The only Evans Port ever released, and there's not much left because my father has consumed most of it. Here is port made in the old fashioned way - a mix of red and white grapes, stomped by foot, fermented by native yeasts, fortified with brandy, and aged. I made this port with, and for, my Dad. He truly loves port, but not really as a connoisseur; more as a thirsty person. He picked the grapes from what was left in the vineyard after harvest, because he feared they would go to waste (and was duly accused of being an old scrounger by my mother, hence the name). My father did most of the stomping. And now, he is single-handedly drinking most of the port. 

Why is it called Patriot's Port? Certainly not in order to wade into politics. Rather, the name evokes an essence of idealism, relating to the importance of big ideas and the inspiration of doing the right thing. That may be inscrutable, but so is this port. As the back label says, "to pick these grapes and make this port required dedication and discipline and a certain madness." 

You can drink this now, but I expect it to improve for at least 15 years. It could be really amazing in 20.

Each bottle is 750mL.

Please note: this is a natural wine that has not been filtered, so it will develop sediment in the bottle. 



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