2013 Evans Pinot Gris - Skin-Contact/Orange Wine

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Not your normal Pinot Gris! I started with Pinot Gris grapes from our Donnelly Creek Vineyard, but instead of making them into white wine, I treated them like red grapes being made into red wine. Importantly, that means, leaving the grape skins with the juice throughout fermentation ("skin contact"), which gives the wine more complexity, tannin, and color than most "normal" white wines. 

Fermenting with the skins is an ancient way of making white wine; in fact, for thousands of years it was probably the only way wine was made. And one might argue that by not removing the skins, this wine is a more complete and true connection to the vineyard than a “normal” Pinot Gris white wine would be. In any case, I love this wine for its surprising color and tastes, and for how well it pairs with almost any food (except very spicy cuisine). In appearance it is a hazy reddish-orange, verging on burnt umber. On the nose, I find cherry and quince with undertones of elderflower and leather. On the palate, sweet ruby grapefruit melds into a long finish of grapefruit peel and bitter almonds, and the crisply dry finish is accentuated with a tiny tickle of tannins on the tongue. This wine is unique, and I expect it to become even more interesting with age.

I recommend serving it only slightly chilled, just below room temperature. Cheers, and I hope you enjoy this taste of how our ancestors enjoyed wine. This wine should age well for another 3-4 years.

Please note: this is a natural wine that has not been filtered, so it will develop sediment in the bottle. I highly recommend decanting it for maximum enjoyment.     


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