2013 Evans Gypsy Cab

$18.00 $28.00

This is the first Cabernet Sauvignon I have made since 2010. With the help of my winemaking compadre Quincy Steele, these grapes were sourced from a hillside vineyard in Lake County, which has become known for great Cabernets that punch well above their weight. But if this wine is a boxer, it's one that can dance. Nimble and nuanced, before you know it this Cab will lure you in with rich flavors of mountain berries, vanilla and wood spice, leading to silky tannins and a long finish. This is a cab that shows complexity without density, and power without weight. Sometimes Pinot Noir lovers eschew Cabernet Sauvignon - I say, give this one a try. Instead of knocking you out, it will take you to a beautiful place.

Drink now, or age for up to 5 more years. 

Please note: this is a natural wine that has not been filtered, so it will develop sediment in the bottle. I highly recommend decanting it for maximum enjoyment. 

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