2014 Boonville Barter Pinot Noir


Limit six per customer.

This wine has humble beginnings. We started making it as a simple Pinot Noir for our family, because we were drinking too much of our more expensive wines. We also used it for bartering in the nearby town of Boonville, hence the name. But a few years ago, we realized that this humble wine was expressing something quintessentially Elke, year after year, so we began to include more of our best grapes and use more of our best oak barrels in making it. Yet we are careful to ensure that this Pinot Noir remains solidly Elke-style, both in terms of taste and in terms of value. Although this wine will see less new oak than our Mary Elke Pinot Noir, it is still produced using the same traditional, handcrafted approach.

As with all of our Pinot Noirs, the special care we take in making this wine allows us to bottle it unfined and unfiltered, which means it may accumulate a small amount of sediment over time - that is an indication of a more natural, less processed wine!

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