2013 Blue Diamond Pinot Noir


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The Blue Diamond is born of tradition. Every year, we make this wine from the same combination of three Pinot Noir clones, from specific blocks of our vineyard. Year after year, we de-stem and crush the grapes in the same way, we use the same strain of Burgundian yeast, the same French cooperage for barrels, the same proportion of new barrels, the same aging time in those barrels, and we bottle the wine unfined and unfiltered. The result is consistently elegant, Old World-style Pinot Noir that speaks of the vineyard.

The Blue Diamond reveals classic Pinot Noir characteristics: layers of red fruit, balanced by earth and minerality, wrapped in velvety tannins, followed by a long, long finish. However, careful tasters will be rewarded with something more: hints of cedar and spice intermingled with deep savory notes. We believe that these elements derive from the two heritage Pinot Noir clones in this wine that are unique to Elke Vineyards – we do not know of any other vineyard growing them.

The Blue Diamond is a wine made for aging, which is why we usually wait an additional year after bottling before releasing it. Although it drinks well now, it will also benefit from five to ten years in your cellar.


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